Last2Ticket was founded in 2011 as an academic project at PBS – Porto Business School. The algorithm and custom technology developed by the Last2Ticket team of programmers allow for the dematerialization of traditional tickets shows, conferences, trainings and other events, optimising promoter costs and enabling instant purchase, easy and safe for the general public.
After the success of the first experiment, Last2Ticket was awarded the development of various ticketing management initiatives throughout the country. Currently, the ticketing solution is accessible to all kinds of events, always with support in the management of operations in the event.



The Last2Ticket follows the highest standards of business conduct and ethics, particularly in relation to the promoters, the general public and other stakeholders.
Confidentiality, data privacy reserves, strict adherence to the deadlines and continued service excellence to customers and stakeholders are to Last2Ticket, values, inalienable and inherent to the founding of the company.
The Last2Ticket believes the relentless pursuit of business development is compatible with the best practices of social responsibility and healthy relationship with the general business environment.



The Last2Ticket aims to provide ticketing solutions of excellence, whether for the promoters of shows, conferences, training and events, or the general public.


The Last2Ticket’s mission is the trading of tickets online, through an innovative technology that simplifies the activity of the promoter and the purchase of tickets until the last minute.








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