Online tickets. How does it work?

You’ve chosen the event you want to attend; now choose the way you purchase your tickets!

Why book tickets online? It’s easy, really easy!

It’s convenient! You can book tickets at home or on your phone, anytime of the day and even at weekends.

Jump the queue. Your digital ticket will be scanned at the entrance for a much faster check-in.

Never lose your tickets. You’ll receive your ticket by email and you can store it on your phone.

Same price! Pay as much as you would at ticket points whether you pay in cash or use PayPal.

It’s secure. Each ticket is unique and uses a digital security system (QR code) so it can’t be copied.

Some friendly tips when using electronic tickets;)

Don’t forget to bring your tickets. Login to your personal area on and you’ll find a PDF file under My Orders. Tickets can also be found on the email we sent you.

If you want to keep your tickets on your phone, screenshot them and keep it on the photo gallery, it will be easier to find back.

If you are afraid that you won’t have enough battery, send it to a friend that is going with you or definitely print it!

Enjoy the event!



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