Last2Ticket now on Passbook/Wallet

Last2Ticket bets on ticket integration with Passbook to improve check-in of electronic tickets.

The company is a pioneer among Portuguese ticket companies in providing integration with the application, which already allows its users to store, for example, boarding passes or hotel reservations.

The integration of Last2Ticket tickets is compatible with the application Passbook (iOS6-8) / Wallet (from iOS9) and Android Wallets, such as “Pass2U”.

TEDxOporto, taking place on for April 16 at Alfândega do Porto, will be the first event where participants can integrate your ticket in Wallet/Passbook application.

The online ticket integration will soon be available to all events available on

See how to add tickets to Passbook/Wallet (images above):

1. By clicking on the link sent by email will open a page with a preview of the ticket:


2. On this image, just click on “Add” (at the top) and the ticket is automatically saved in the app!



3. By clicking on the icon “i” more information linked to the order/ticket can be seen.

Easy, safe and innovative! Try it now 🙂


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